Hey kids... and kids at heart! As you plan for future BGCA Day for Kids events, we've pulled together some classic games that will put your brain and fingers to the test. These games require browsers to have Adobe Flash Payer installed. If you don't have it, you can quickly install it by clicking here.

Balloon Invaders

Watch out! The balloons are coming to get you. It's your mission to pop them before they land on you. You can only hide for so long, so get popping! Play>>


Sure, it sounds simple. Test your skills at Tic-Tac-Toe against the BGC Kids Day Computer. When you've beat the computer, increase the difficulty level and try again. Play>>

Memory Match

Can you find a match for each picture? This classic memory game can be set for a range of skill levels. Play for the best time, or least number of attempts. Play>>

Picture Puzzle

Slide, slide, slide. Put the picture together by double clicking on the piece you would like to move. We challenge you to do this in the least amount of moves that you can! Play>>

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